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Some Famous Fijis You May Know

Bill Geist - Television Journalist, host of the CBS Morning Show. (Illinois '67 grad)
Calvin Coolidge - President of the United States, 1923-29
Johnny Carson - Former host of The Tonight Show
Alan B. Graf, Jr. - Executive Vice President and CFO, FedEx Corporation
Jeff Fettig - CEO, Whirlpool Corporation
Jack Nicklaus - Professional Golf Champion
Kenneth Blanchard - author of "The One Minute Manager" & other leadership/motivational books
John Ritter - Actor, "Three's Company"
Norman Vincent Peale - World-Renowned Theologian
Phillip Knight - Founder, Owner, & President of Nike Corporation
Roger Penske - Auto Racing Champion & Team Owner, Marlboro Racing Team
Dean Smith - Former Head Basketball Coach, North Carolina Tarheels
William J. Crowe, Jr. - Former Chairman, United States Joint Chiefs of Staff
Matthew Fox - Actor, "LOST"
Morgan Spurlock - Actor/Director/Author, "Super Size Me"
Seth Meyers - Actor, "SNL"
Gene Cernan - Apollo Astronaut, last man to have walked on the moon
Jim Gaffigan - Comedian